The Magical Tivoli Theatre (DUBBING - TV serial) (2023)

Dubbing into Danish. Streaming on DR TV from ultimo 2023 

Prod. DR TV & NRK I Role: Theo, various

If War Comes To You (Web. English) (2023) WATCH HERE (new window)
   Supporting role in an interactive web-film for Red Cross - segment "AID WORKER". Streaming 2024

Dir. & Script. Mathias de Melo Lundegaard

Prod. Laban Stories/Red Cross I Role: Thomas, field doctor

Strandet/Stranded (Short film. Danish) (2022)
Supporting role. The film was an official selection at Odense Film Festival 2023.

Dir. Peter Salling |Script. Peter Salling & Morten Schmidt 

Prod. 18 Frames I Role: Santiago

Barbie Mermaid Power (DUBBING - ANIMATED. Feature film) (2022)

Dubbing of several parts into Danish. Streaming on Netflix from medio 2022

Prod. Mattel Televison | Role: Various

              Malory Towers - season 2 
(DUBBING - TV serial) (2022)

Dubbing into Danish. Streaming on DR TV from medio 2022

Prod. BBC I Role: Mr Parker

Monster Family 2 (DUBBING. ANIMATION - Feature film) (2021)

Dubbing supporting character into Danish. Danish theatrical premiere primo 2022

Prod. Ambient Entertainment I Role: Maddox Starr

7/Eleven (Online advertisement. Danish) (2021)

Advertisement made for web

Dir. & Script Simon Bonde

Prod. Honeytrap I Role: Customer (lead role)

A Boy Called Christmas (DUBBING - Feature film) (2021)

Dubbing several roles into Danish. Streaming on Netflix from ultimo 2021

Prod. Netflix I Role: Various

The Smurfs (DUBBING. ANIMATION - TV) (2021)

Dubbing several roles into Danish

Prod. IYUNO Media I Role: Various

Interrogation  (Tv Serial. Danish) (2019)

1 episode. Streaming available on CMore from December 2019

Dir. Nikolaj Feifer | Script Morten Jørgensen

Prod. C More | Role Jonas Pedersen, terrorist suspect

Limboland  (TV Serial. Danish) (2019)

1 episode (Episode number 5). Streaming available on XEE from April 2020

Dir. & Script Rikke Schjødt

Prod. Yousee/Xee | Role Erik Hansen 

Clusterfuck (Web serial. Danish) (2019)
2 pilot episodes

Dir. Linnea Kjærbye | Script Bjørk Koitzsch & Magnus Lund

Prod. VIA Film & Transmedia | Role Ali

The Lonely Killer (working title. Danish) (2019)

Feature film. Expected release in 2024

Dir. & Script Danny Thykær

Prod. 46 Films | Role Dormi 

Iqbal and the Indian Jewel (Danish) (2018)

Feature film. Theatrical release September 2018

Dir. Oliver Zahle | Prod. Miso Film

Script Mikael Olsen & Renée Toft Simonsen | Role News reader 

Tæt På Sandheden (TV. Danish) (2018)

Leading role in sketch in Danish satire programme

Dir. Rasmus Olsen | Prod. DR & Small Shoes

Script Jonatan Spang & Rasmus Olsen | Role Lead performer

Puck Pleaded (Short-film. Danish) (2017/2018)

Short-film made by artists "Mathias & Mathias" for the installation art exhibition Kære at Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art, CPH

Dir. and script Mathias Toubro & Mathias Dyhr

Prod. Mathias & Mathias | Role: Lead performer

The Legacy, Season III (Org. title: Arvingerne. Danish.) (2016)

2 episodes in the third season of Danish TV-serial, The Legacy (to be aired in 2017)

Dir. Heidi Maria Faisst & Pernilla August | Prod. Danmarks Radio 

Script: Maya Ilsøe. Episode-writers: Tommy Bredsted & Nanna West | Role: Vikram Bhardwaj


Out Of Loneliness (Danish) (2016)

Online PR-spots for the NGO, Ventilen.

WATCH HERE (new window)

Dir. Carsten Fromberg | Prod. Ventilen in collaboration with Ophelia Acting School

Script: Carsten Fromberg and Carsten Kressner | Role: Victor


Walk With Me (Org. title: De Standhaftige. Danish) (2015)

Feature film. Theatrical release April 2016

Dir. Lisa Ohlin | Prod. Per Holst Film in collaboration with DFI

Script: Karina Dam | Role: Man on staircase


The Arms Drop (documentary. Hindi, Danish & English) (2013/2014)

Reconstruction-scenes in the documentary-film about Niels Holck. Nominated for Bodil Award 2015 for Best Documentary

Dir. Andreas Koefoed | Prod. Fridthjof Film in collaboration with Danmarks Radio

Script: Andreas Koefoed and Tobias Lindholm | Role: Customs officer


The Taste of Life (Short film. Org. title: Smagen af Livet. Danish) (2012)

Super 16 student’s final film

Dir. Chadi Abdul-Karim | Prod. Super 16 in collaboration with M2 Film

Script: Thilde Maj Holgersen | Role: Receptionist


PR Spot (2011)

Internet PR Spot for Energy-Cube in Vejle. 

WATCH HERE (new window)

Dir. & script: Jonas Bjarnøe Jensen and Simon Fischel

Role: Lead role


Exam-projects for Film & TV at Aarhus University (2010)

Three productions including a short film. 

SHORT FILM (new window) | VIRAL VIDEO (new window)

Dir. & script: Entire cast

Role: Lead role