Member of The Danish Actors' Association                        Photo Sergio Calero


   Theatre- and film-actor Anuresh Rattan graduated in 2016 from the Ophelia Acting School in Copenhagen, Denmark.

He has, among other things, acted in Puntila at The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen (2015-2016) and the TV-serial The Legacy, Season III (2017).

Furthermore, Anuresh has in the Spring of 2017 participated in KGL Dansk at The Royal Theatre (Copenhagen) with the self-written text, And Dad Is.

In order to gain a broader understanding of theatre as a medium, Anuresh studied Dramaturgy at Aarhus University, Denmark and received his master's degree (Cand.mag.) in 2013. 

Other than that, he is the co-founder of the Theatre-group LYSANDER, where he has also acted as the main lead role in two major productions. 

Anuresh has been part of a number of varied theatre- and film-projects since 2006 - including Shakespeare-plays, revues, devising-projects etc. He also has some experience with play-writing as well.


2013-2016 Actor from Ophelia Acting School (Skuespillerskolen Ophelia)

2013 M.A. (Cand.mag.) in Dramaturgy at Aarhus University, Denmark


2012 Aspirant-course at Rødkilde Theatre Folk High School (1 month)
2006 Performance-module at Move 'N Act, Aarhus, Denmark (6 weeks)
2005 "Step Forward" at Move 'N Act, Aarhus, Denmark (4 months)


Birth year 1986
Height 180 cm (5.9 ft)
Weight 80 kg (176 lb)
Eye-colour Brown
Singing Tenor

Place of birth Aarhus, Denmark
Ethnicity North Indian
Residence Copenhagen, Denmark
Nationality Danish

Language-fluency Danish, English & 4 Indian languages: Punjabi, Hindi, Sindhi & Urdu
Language-familiarity Spanish, French & Italian

Other skills Basic level Tennis, Capoeira & Tai Chi